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Senior Pastor

Rev. Sjon and Mae Green


In July of 2019, I became the senior pastor of Indian Heights Church of the Nazarene in Colorado Springs.  This church is establishing roots by serving others, reaching out to our community with compassion, giving hope through meeting people and being ourselves, and winning souls by being exactly who God has gifted and inspired us to be.

In 2016, God began to impress on my wife and I, that Colorado Springs is the place to do ministry.  Our dream is to impact our members, our extended family, community, and those we are partnering with, to hear the Good News of Jesus.  It is a dream destined to fail without Divine intervention.

We ask God to bring us the ones nobody else wants, those that have been overlooked, and those that think everyone has abandoned them.  We meet people right where they are, just as Jesus did.  Taking part in the everyday lives of people on the street, parking lots, parks, places where we are working service projects at, or even within our church.  We want people to know that Jesus loves them, and we love them too.  We persist in this Jesus driven endeavor by combating evil with good, hate with love, and the inhospitable with hospitality.  Love is a Verb!

It is a privilege to pastor at Indian Heights Church of the Nazarene.  Our congregation is made up of a vast array of cultures and backgrounds.  Please prayerfully consider joining my wife, Mae, and I on Sunday morning.  We look forward to meeting you.

Rev. Sjon Green

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